Point Capital, Inc.

NFID (www.nfid.com) is a gender-neutral (unisex) apparel and accessory brand. Point Capital has observed a growing frustration by society with the “gender-segregated” garment and beauty industries and believes these industries are approaching an inflection point in which sex and social genders will be indistinct. NFID joins this movement and prides itself on being the “a brand for all humans,” an inclusive celebration of all individuals. As a pioneer in the gender-neutral fashion, management is rigorously focused on developing the NFID brand and establishing the NFID product line in time for a marketing kick-off in late 2018, followed by a product launch in early 2019.

Initial demographic focus is Generation Z (all genders), which represents approximately 26.5% of the total U.S. population. These individuals are known for fairness and tolerance. They are supremely confident, but risk adverse. They want to be unique and are subject to rapid shifts in trends. As this group is hyper connected, the NFID brand will concentrate on projecting a social lifestyle through numerous digital influencers of fashion, and leaders in music, pop culture, while offering constantly refreshing products that are trend-right, unique, quality and gender neutral.