Point Capital, Inc.

Point Capital To Fund Small Companies

Point Capital, Inc. (PTCI: OTC.BB) strives to meet the funding needs created by the business opportunities of U.S small companies. We can be flexible because we’re a small business.

PTCI is a publicly-quoted closed-end investment company that has elected to be treated as a business development company under the Investment Company Act of 1940, as amended. Our investment objective is to generate current income and long-term capital appreciation from debt and equity investments. We seek to preserve capital and maximize returns by applying rigorous credit analysis when we make and monitor our investments.

Lack of capital is the number 1 reason that companies fail to succeed.

Having been in the business for decades, our people know that patience and backing good managers lead to our success. We are easy to work with.

We make loans to small U.S. companies. A recent Fed study says one-third of small companies are not applying for loans because they think they’ll be rejected and that two-thirds that apply are rejected.

We’ll make a loan as small as $25,000. We will be the only lender to a company or we’ll join with another or other lenders in agented, club or syndicated deals.

Our loan can be junior to another loan a company already has or is considering. We also provide “one stop shopping” for a loan and equity.